Hurricane Irma 09/10/2017

sniper after irma

Picture shows our dog “Sniper” after finding her favorite toy in our back yard after the hurricane – you can tell how proud she is.

People are asking me if I would stay in Florida after Hurricane Irma – my answer is – of course I will !! – I live in SW Florida since 1990 and Irma is my 2nd major Hurricane in this area. The first one was Hurricane Charley 2004. That means 2 major Hurricanes in 27 Years – of course I can take that – of course we can handle this. Other areas are dealing with Tornados, wild fires, earth quakes, snow storms,…. and we are dealing with major hurricanes once in a while. A Hurricane never comes unexpected, we all know days or even weeks ahead of time. That gives us time to prepare!

Almost everyone in Florida is hurricane prepared at the beginning for Hurricane Season. (Most of the time) If you drive thru Cape Coral today – pretty much 1 week after Hurricane Irma – you could not even tell that we were dealing with a major Hurricane just a few days ago. Businesses are open, roads are cleared, most of us have power and internet back – the others will have power by the end of this week.

Our building code here in SW Florida is one of the strictest in the United States. Homes here have to be able to withstand a Hurricane – and they did. Of course we were lucky that Irma changed its track a little further inward and the expected flooding did not happen.  – After the hurricane I checked around 20 – 30 homes (out of town clients and friends) and none of them had major damage. Most damages were ripped screens from pool cages and broken branches and trees in the yard. Most homes had no damages at all.

The Storm itself

Right after “Irma” left the coast of Africa my husband told me that this one is the one to watch. – Since we didn’t prepare that great for this years Hurricane Season, we started our preparations pretty much right then and there. We purchased extra dog food, checked our generator, our battery powered tv, purchased lamp oil, batteries, loaded our power banks, bought water and gas – as well as diesel fuel for the generator.

A little while later – the tropical depression became a named Storm tracking against Florida – and very quickly the storm grew larger and stronger – all the sudden it was a Cat 5 storm. – still not knowing where exactly Irma would make landfall we started watching the news and weather forecast basically  non stop. We started getting gas for our old timers as well and started picking up lawn furniture and whatever else was sitting in the yard and the porch.

Irma was forecasted as an East Coast Storm – that means Miami and surrounding area. We a kind of relaxed since even so Irma was a really big storm and we knew we will feel some kind of effects, we thought we might get some bad weather but windwise probably only tropical storm forced wind and not hurricane forced winds – and also so we thought we would be on the good site of the storm – with less rain and less Tornadoes. – Well Irma changed her mind and all the sudden she came roaring towards us here in Fort Myers/Cape Coral. With the more westerly trend all the sudden we would be on the “bad” site of the storm and we would get “Irma’ pure. And also they expected a very high flooding in our area with storm surges of about 12 feet and higher.

Governor Scott asked basically everyone to evacuate Florida. – We decided to stay. We live about 20 Miles away from the coast and also have 2 German shepherd dogs. We could evacuate – even with the dogs – but it would be a little complicated. We trusted our home would be able to withstand a hurricane and we did not expect flood in our area.

Still a little unclear where Irma would make landfall – we were watching TV to see if we could find out how much of Irma we would get and also on which site of the storm we would be on. We saw Irma making landfall between Naples and Marco Island and we lost power – our battery powered TV could not any picture during the storm – so we had no Idea where Irma would go from there. We figured we could be lucky and be on the left site of the storm, the storm could head directly for us and we would be in the eye with the strongest wind around the eye wall or we could be on the right site of the storm with all the rain and all the tornadoes. We had no idea – until all the sudden the wind stopped and it was clear and calm – we were in the middle of the eye ! – We thought great opportunity to let the dogs out real quick – and it was a kind of spooky. The other end of the storm (after they eye went pass us) was not as strong anymore and after a few hours we were thru.

Lucky for us – Irma’s path took a little more to the east and the expected major flooding did not happen.

Checking our property we realized just how lucky we were. No major damages – except a few shingles and a few trees everything else was ok. And after our Dog Sniper came and brought us her ball she found somewhere in the yard – we were as happy as she was.

Neighbors are helping neighbors to clean up neighborhoods and share whatever resources are there. Everybody is helping everybody – we are all in that together. This is what I love – that is who we are.

We were out of power for about 5 days and gas and diesel was tough to find for the first couple of days after the storm – but thanks to Governor Scott and all the line men from all over the country and Canada, – we are almost back to normal after not even 1 week after the storm.

So all good here in SW Florida – we are getting ready to help in the hardest hit areas. We as an office (Century 21 Sunbelt Realty) will bring supplies and food to the Immokalee area as well as Arcadia and Everglades City.

Cape Coral/Fort Myers is open for business – now it is time to help the less fortunate.


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