Why I moved to the United States

happy 4th

I still remember how proud and happy I was when I finally received my Greencard in the mail. Since then I call the United States my home and I am still very thankful and happy that I can live in this wonderful and great country. A few years ago I became US Citizen, which makes me even happier.

I came to the United States not because my home country is bad, there is no war and I was not unhappy there. I came to the United States because I love the People, I love people who are optimistic, I love that people come together and help each other, I love that normally nobody is seriously jealous of somebody else’s house, success, job,… I love that people here are working together and not against each other, I love the motto “live and let live” – and also “I am ok and you are ok”. I love the respect people have for each other, no matter what your social status is, what job people have or how much money they have. And lots more – I could continue on and on and on.

I knew I am home here in the United States when we moved into our new neighborhood in North Fort Myers, Florida and we were thinking about having a house warming party for our new neighbors as soon as we were settled in – but didn’t get to do it because our new neighbors invited us (the new people) to a “welcome to a neighborhood” party. I thought that was just amazing !!!

And you know what impressed me more than anything. People here saw a problem and instead of “bitching and complaining” they were actively working on a solution and found a way to solve the problem in a way that worked for everyone.

It makes me sad when I see and read so many negative and aggressive posts from Americans about the United States of America – no matter who is President, no matter who was President, no matter who will be President – the United States is “we the people”. It is us who make the country – not the politicians. We can make things better, we can solve problems in our families, at work, within our sphere of influence.  No Politician and no President can and will solve our problems (even so they always promise) only we can ! We can do it together – and exactly that is the greatness of this country.

Please see all the good and positive things and people happening all around us – for every problem you are dealing with – open your eyes and see something you are thankful for – there is plenty of it. We just take it for granted – because it is always there. But that does not make it any less good.

With that said – I am still proud and thankful to be an American and I always will be !!

Many thanks to all who fought and are still fighting for our freedom

Happy 4th of July


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