Why I love Southwest Florida


I moved to SW Florida directly from Germany in 1990 and never left. Before we decided for Sw Florida we toured the whole State, we wanted to make sure that we pick a spot we can call home for the rest of our lives. We had two very small children, two dogs, we love the water and we love nature but we also wanted to have some entertainment available to us and the kids. We also wanted warm weather all year around.

Everything north of Tampa was to “cold” for us – especially in winter. We traveled the East Coast of Florida and we found quiet a few placed we liked – however it wasn’t the perfect match we were looking for – either it was not the greatest for the kids, or it was a little to “loud” for us. – We just loved the Keys – but of course we wanted to work and live there – and the Keys are really nice for vacation but we just couldn’t see us living there.

From the Keys we traveled to the Gulf Coast – Naples was our first stop and Naples is beautiful. It looked very close to the City we came from in Germany (Baden-Baden) and gave us a good feeling. However we did spend about 1 week in Naples and did not see children or younger adults – I believe things changed over the years but when we were there 27 years ago – we did not see any.

Leaving Naples we drove just a little further north – still looking for our “perfect” place. and started looking around Fort Myers. then we looked across the River and saw this strange looking place – named Cape Coral. I have been in Venice Italy several times but I have never ever seen a place with so many Canals – most of them were leading out to the Gulf, some of them were leading into fresh water lakes and others were leading no where. But so much water all around – What is not to love. We like Fort Myers but just fell in love with Cape Coral. There were children playing on the streets, lots of schools, parks, kindergartens, lots of activities for Kids and even some for adults.  – We bought 2 rental homes in the Yachtclub Area to secure some monthly income. I went to Real Estate School and became a Realtor soon after. Cape Coral was the place I wanted to work, and I am working there since. For a while we lived in one of our rentals and were still looking for “our place” – Coming from Germany all the lots in Cape Coral seemed big to us – normal lots in Germany are really tiny 🙂 But our dream was a home on an even larger Lot. Of course it had to be close to Cape Coral and Fort Myers – because I didn’t want to drive for hours to go to work (in Cape Coral).

And we discovered North Fort Myers !! What a great place (in most areas) – so much nature and also lots of canals.  We purchase our home on 1/2 acre on a Canal leading to the Gulf and we were happy there. Lots of nature all around us, and the canals are natural canals and not man made like most of Cape Coral’s canals are. School was close by and the neighborhood was great !! Really great. – We lived there for about 10 years and then we moved – to a Mini Ranch in North Fort Myers with 5 Acres 🙂 off water but close to – and I am still close enough to Fort Myers and Cape Coral to enjoy all the amenities those two Cities are offering.

I think I would never leave the area – it is just a great place to live, work, and later on retire. It offers so much for everyone.  We have the beach of Fort Myers Beach with lots of entertainment, bars, restaurants, we have the more natural beaches of Sanibel and Captiva and Cayo Costa, we have DownTown Fort Myers and Cape Coral with all the events and fun activities, we have Regional and State Parks for hiking and biking, it takes about 2.5 hours to drive to Miami, about 1,5 hours to Tampa – if we really feel we need a really big city once in a while 🙂 We have Pine Island and Matlacha – which is always nice for a visit, we have a dolphin show everytime we take the boat out and with a little luck we can spot a manatee on our way as well. There are great Schools and Kindergartens, lots of sport activities at  your door steps – there is so much this area offers, way to much to list. Just come and see for yourself 🙂

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