Hurricanes in Florida

Quiet often people ask me why I moved to Florida since there are such terrible hurricanes. – Well let me explain real quick what Hurricane Season is and what it is not. Hurricane Season is every year starting June 1st and ending November 30th. However that does NOT mean we have 1 or more Hurricanes every year during this time. It just means that the conditions for hurricane formation are more favorable during this time than it is during other times.

I live in SW Florida since 1990. I have experienced only one strong Hurricane since I moved here. That was Hurricane Charley on Friday August 13th 2004. The last strong Hurricane (in our area) prior to Hurricane Charley was Hurricane Donna in September 1960. – this does not mean it will be another 30+ years until we get the next strong Hurricane here – I just wanted to show you that we really don’t have strong Hurricanes every single Hurricane Season.

Also other than Tornadoes or Earthquakes, a Hurricane announces itself days prior to landfall. The Weather forecast is very good and most of the time the path and strength of a Hurricane is well known several days ahead.

We are always prepared for a Hurricane prior to every Hurricane Season, we have plenty of water, dog food, human food, batteries, storm radio, battery powered tv, gas for the generator,….. There are hurricane guides available in every store and if you are new to the area please go and pick one up. It gives advise and a “what to do” in case of a hurricane and also a check list for items which should be in the Hurricane Kid.

Also we Floridians will help tourists and newcomers in case of a Hurricane, we will make sure you all are prepared 🙂

Our Home Owners insurance will cover hurricane damage – most of the time there is a deductible per storm – either a flat amount or a percentage of the costs of the damage.

Florida emergency operations are also well prepared for any storm that might hit us. I was surprised before, during and after Hurricane Charley how well prepared and organized they were. First responders were in our area not even 1 hour after landfall, checking damages,providing food and water for people and their pets and just to make sure everybody was ok.

I was also very pleasantly surprised how well the neighborhoods came together and everybody helped everybody to clean up. When we were done with our area, we drove to our neighbor community and helped them out. Since we didn’t have power for over 3 weeks we had nightly camp fires within our neighborhood and cooked whatever was in the freezers.

Don’t get me wrong, Hurricane Charley was very scary but we were well prepared and we still enjoy living in paradise !!

Helpful links for Hurricane Forecast

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Preparedness

Weather – Storm Forecast

And of course our local weather stations

Wink Weather

NBC-2 Weather

Fox4 Now Weather

ABC7 Weather

Also most of our newer homes are well able to withstand a stronger Hurricane and most of the older homes (still standing) might do almost as well. However if there is an evacuation order in place LEAVE – a Hurricane is no fun and no joke. Make plans for and with your pets. We do have a few pet friendly shelters in our area (Lee County, Florida) but make sure you bring a leash, a crate and shot records with you when you go.

Shelters – pet friendly

And again – Hurricane Season does NOT MEAN we will have 1 or more hurricanes every single year !! There are many years we don’t have a single hurricane but it also could hit us again this season.

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