Love Bugs

Love Bug Season started in SW Florida – And they are in love and they just love cars.

The little black bugs are named lovebugs because their mating season starts around April/May every year. And they are everywhere – attached to each other in pairs for hours at a time.

If you have lovebugs on your car it is better to clean them sooner than later. You can also purchase a protective (for the car) before the lovebug invasion hits your car.

In some areas you can’t avoid to be hit by them.

It is very unpleasant if you are driving a convertible or a motor cycle 🙂 Don’t forget to close your mouth.

These bugs don’t bite they are just a nuisance. They can latch on to your car and are very hard to remove. They can damage your paint and in some cases even your engine.

Pretty much all car washes down here just love love bug season!

All in all I think most people down here would rather deal with love bugs for a month or so than dealing with snow.

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