Cape Coral Assessments

In most Real Estate Search Engines you see at some listing – “assessments paid”, “assessments unpaid”, “well”, “septic”. Today I would like to shed some light into this “mystery”.

There are some areas in Cape Coral (mainly in the NE and NW portions of the city) where there is no central water or sewer service. All those properties have their own wells and their own septic system. That means no water bill !!

Most of the areas in SE Cape Coral have central water and sewer connected and most  of those assessments are paid since many years

There are some areas in the SW part of Cape Coral, which are connected to public water and sewer service but either all or just a portion of those assessment fees are still unpaid. Most of the time those open fees are attached to the property taxes and are being paid every year with the property taxes until the assessments are paid in full.

It is the goal of the City of Cape Coral to connect every property within the City limits to public water and sewer service over the next years. That means if you own or purchase a property where there is no central water and sewer service as of yet – you can expect that the City will put it in between now and the next 10 years. Once the City puts in the water and sewer lines all home owner will have to connect ! – No choice. the current costs for assessments and connections are around $ 25,000 per property. Like I mentioned above, the property owner will have a choice to pay the whole amount in one sum and will receive a discount, or the home owner can choose to have the assessments added to the property taxes over the next 10 years. When the property sells, the buyer can either leave the assessments on the taxes or has the option to pay them off at closing.

If you would like information on specific properties and if you would like to see what the status of open assessments is for a specific property you can visit: Cape Coral Assessments Look up  On the Web Site you see  “I want to”, please click there. From the drop down menu click on “Find” and from this drop down menu click on  Assessments & Pay off. A diclaimer will open and click on “start”.  Another disclaimer will open, you click on “ok” and you will see a map with a “search” field in the upper left corner. Here you can enter the address of the property you would like the info for. The map will show you the property and another window will open with the property info. Here you click on “estimated loan pay off” and it will show you all open assessments with amounts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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