Cape Coral Canals

The City of Cape Coral has over 400 miles of canals, this is more than Venice Italy.A lot of the canals in Cape Coral are leading into the Gulf of Mexico, others are fresh water canals and some of them are leading into fresh water lakes.

Beside Freshwater Canals (with NO access to the ocean) and Gulf Access Canals there is a lot more you might want to know.

Freshwater Canals

All Freshwater Canals don’t have access to the Gulf of Mexico. Some of them are leading into fresh water lakes others are leading nowhere. Homes on fresh water canals are a little lower priced than homes on Gulf Access Canals and some of them don’t require flood insurance. If you just would like to be on the water for the views – a home on a fresh water canal or a fresh water lake might be right for you. You can still boat on those fresh water canals if you like and there is also good fishing in those canals. – But like I said before, there is no way out to the Gulf – unless you put your boat on your trailer and drive around the weir and put back into the water on the other site. J If you look on a map and it looks like “your” fresh water canal leads to the Gulf – trust me it won’t it most cases.

Gulf Access Canals

There are several different classification of Gulf Access Canals. – All of them are leading into the Gulf of Mexico but depending on your boat and depending on your requirements in regards of time, price or other, there are a few canals which suit your requirements better than others. A rule of thumb is – as further away from the actual Gulf of Mexico as cheaper the home or lot.

Direct unrestricted Sailboat Access Canals

A direct Sailboat Access Canal is a canal that leads directly into the Gulf of Mexico. There are not bridges on your way out and no locks either.

Direct Sailboat Access Canals

Those are canals with no bridges on the way out to the Gulf but there could be a boat lock on the way out. If you are considering purchasing a Sailboat or a larger boat – please make sure you understand the canal depth.

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